File Types

We are able to accept your artwork for PC use only (not Mac®).  Different jobs may require different file formats.

Files for vinyl cut lettering/shapes, need to be a Vector file of your design.  This means your text and graphics are outlined.  Depending on your design programme, there should be an option to save or export text as vectors, curves, paths or outlines.  Vector files are .ai, .pdf or .eps.  The original artwork has to be saved as any of these files.  Jpgs and Bitmaps cannot be converted to Vector files.

For printing and digital printing, save your images at 150–300dpi (dots per inch) at the finished size to ensure the best quality output.  Pixel files are .bmp, .tif and .jpg.

Please include Pantone Colours (PMS) for all your files, or provide a hard copy of the approximate colours desired.

a)    Printing – due to varying printing procedures, either digital or press, all colours may vary to the artwork supplied and will be matched as closely as possible.  Whilst all care is taken during the printing process, colour variations may occur dependent on the printer/media/process used.

b)    Vinyl Graphics – self adhesive vinyls have a limited range of colours.  All vinyls will be matched as closely as possible to the artwork supplied.

Due to the low resolution of web site graphics, these are almost always unusable, as some present problems when enlarged to signage scale that may not be obvious on the printed page or on websites.